Infographic: What do lawyers at the top of Google search results have in common?

This is a question we are always discussing at NiftyLaw. It generates ideas around best practices and gives us insights into what we need to be doing when we build law firm websites.

Recently, we looked at the 50 largest metros in the United States and searched Google for the following terms:

  • (insert city) DUI Attorney
  • (insert city) Injury Lawyer
  • (insert city) Business Attorney
  • (Insert city) Estate Lawyer

We looked at the law firm that was ranked in the top spot in the local pack like this Las Vegas Injury Attorney Naqvi Injury Law.


Using a spreadsheet we gathered around 50 different metrics from each of the law firm websites. Here is what we found.

1. On average the top rankings pages had 945 words.

This is much higher than many would expect, but according to other studies that looked at over 1 million pages (not in legal) sites should have around 2000 word count.


Now, this isn’t a call to go out and add a bunch of nonsense to your pages. The key is understanding that to provide value to your users, you might need to see if you are going deep enough with your content. Also, there are always exceptions with very little content. They were exceptions though, not the norm.

2. The average amount of backlinks was 2033. That’s a lot.

Backlinks matter. From other studies we have done we saw that lawyers practically double other local industries in link metrics. That makes it hard to compete. Just how important are backlinks in today’s SEO world?

I took a screenshot of moz’s search ranking study and as you can see links make up the highest correlating factors of the entire study. Moz even goes as far as saying,

“Despite rumors to the contrary, the data continues to show some of the highest correlations between Google rankings and the number of links to a give pages”


3. The average top ranking law firm had 17 Google reviews and many across the web.

Most law firms haven’t embraced online reviews. The ones who have excel and want it to stay a secret. Reviews help get more people clicking, trusting, and using your law firm. According to a study by Brightlocal 92% of people read online reviews before choosing a business.

We asked our clients where they wanted to get reviews from in a survey and found the following:

The “Industry Specific” review site that mattered the most to our clients was Avvo. Many of our clients claim that a substantial amount of leads mention they read Avvo reviews as part of the research into the law firm. According to Avvo, attorney’s with reviews are 12x more likely to be contacted by people.

One tool that we find invaluable for getting online reviews and testimonials is Get Five Stars. The platform helps you monitor different websites and has a feedback process that you can integrate into the daily operations of your firm. Doing this will lead to higher rankings, better click through rates, more calls, and more cases due to consumer trust in your brand before you even speak to them.

4. There is a lot more data for those who are interested.

We created an infographic that includes all the data points we gathered ranging from design elements to schema markup.


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