Let’s rethink Love Your Lawyer Day

So, today is “Love Your Lawyer” day. Some think it’s a great idea. Others are, shall we say, less enthusiastic.

We at Avvo think that “to love your lawyer or not to love your lawyer?” may be the wrong place to start. Lawyers earn the respect, love, and ultimately the business, of their clients by first showing them some love. We see this time and time again here Avvo. To that end, we searched the wealth of anonymous client reviews available on Avvo for examples of lawyers who had shown particular love to their clients. Why reviews? Because they are the embodiment of love for the client. When attorneys love their clients, clients want to tell the world about it. They do it by leaving positive reviews and the love comes back to the attorneys. A virtuous cycle.

We’ve provided a “Love Your Client” greatest hits of online reviews below with commentary and connection to the Laws of Attraction that we’ve been sharing with lawyers over the last few weeks.

Love Your Client review #1

I approached Alexander after reviewing great reviews on Avvo.

Alexander helped me in reviewing all case-related documents and also answered all my questions with utmost satisfaction. Since I was worried about the case, I asked 2-3 questions multiple times and every time Alexander answered with patience. I loved his service.

I would like to mention one great quality about Alexander. He told me that I would not charge you for any small questions you have regarding this case. I was very much impressed with his great service at affordable fees.

Review for Alexander Segal

It’s pretty obvious that Alexander loves his clients. First, he’s got great online reviews. What better way to reassure prospective clients, many of whom are in distressing situations, than to help them in the stressful process of choosing a lawyer? Alexander’s also modeling great behavior in sweating the small stuff. Being patient in answering a clients’ many questions and, on top of that, not charging for those questions are the types of little things that make interacting with an attorney much less difficult.

Applicable Avvo Laws of Legal Attraction.

Love Your Client review #2

Sabrina Layman has guided me in two separate proceedings through Child Support Modification/Post-Secondary Education support with an unwilling co-parent.  Ms. Layman facilitates the legal process, making it significantly less stressful.  She provides moral support, while maintaining reasonable legal costs.  Her positive-minded attitude and perseverance for the benefit of the children instill immediate peace of mind and garner trust.  Her paralegal Debbie Sherlock has highly comprehensive knowledge on documents and proceedings, is kind, efficient, and detail-oriented.  Both are true advocates for the children and their clients, and I most favorably recommend their expertise for your family law litigation needs.

Review for Sabrina Layma

Can you feel the love? It’s clear that Sabrina knows how to attract the kinds of clients that will be happy with her. Look how specific an issue the client has: “Child Support Modification/Post-Secondary Education support with an unwilling co-parent.” One way to love a client is to make sure to attract the kind of client who will feel that love. Successful practices and client relationships must be intentional. Lawyers show love to their clients by specifically searching them out, bringing them in, and providing them amazing service. Lawyers who settle for just any client will get just that. Lawyers that love their client know what kind of client they want. The shout-out to Sabrina’s paralegal, Debbie, is also fantastic. Avvo’s research on legal consumers indicates that the professionalism and positive attitude of a lawyer and, more significantly, of the lawyers’ staff factors significantly into client satisfaction (also known as their feeling some of the love from their lawyer).

Applicable Avvo Laws of Legal Attraction.

Love Your Client review #3

When I met with Jason he quickly gained an understanding of my situation . . . and offered a clear and concise path forward to address my unique situation.  My case ended up in trial in spite of efforts to negotiate a settlement.   . . .  The end result of trial was precisely as Jason had predicted, and for some items even more in my favor.  I was awarded a large sum of money and custodial parent with a great parenting plan for my child.

In addition, he prices his legal services as a flat fee, no matter how much effort is required to get resolution.  At first I was skeptical, but after going through many, many unplanned court hearings and a full 4 day trial, my legal costs were about 15% of what the other side had spent.     . . .

Review for Jason Benjamin

Wow! Jason loves his clients and, not surprisingly, they love him right back – and I edited out pieces that made Jason look even better! Among many others, there are two main aspects of client love here. The first is the clear planning that went into this representation. This is apparent from the review. It’s not that everything ultimately proceeded according to plan but it’s that just about everything that happened had been accounted for in the plan. The second piece that is evident is how well Jason educated the client about the plan. This client was so well educated that the client could write a review describing the plan and how Jason adhered to it.

It’s all summed up excellently in this one sentence, really: “Jason he quickly gained an understanding of my situation . . . and offered a clear and concise path forward to address my unique situation.”

You go Jason! Love that client!

Applicable Avvo Laws of Legal Attraction.

Love Your Client review #4

Maryam has had the challenge of a case that has evolved into interstate status over a very long, drawn out and difficult period. She has been so patient and compassionate, but direct. She’s been kind and genuinely human, while being fully transparent about our chances. She’s been so very patient and understanding, while entirely realistic about all the options available to our family.

We have been so impressed with how knowledgeable she has been about the mechanics of Los Angeles County family court, and how much she has gone above and beyond her obligation as a hired representative to apply careful thought towards practicality, and complication associated with the very complex geography of our interstate case. She is truly a very rare find, and we recommend reaching out to her office before she’s booked solid for the foreseeable future.

Review for Maryam Atighechi

This review and many more of Maryam’s reviews reflect how she handles complicated, drawn-out family law cases with poise and professionalism. It must be incredibly hard as a family law lawyer to always keep their cool but it’s clear that Maryam does that well. Also impressive is the client’s use of “transparent” and “realistic.” She’s clearly educating her clients upfront and keeping them regularly informed because those words aren’t often used to describe attorneys. They’re a real testament to Maryam’s efforts to love her clients.

Applicable Avvo Laws of Legal Attraction.

It’s not that hard for a lawyer to love their client. Lawyers can adhere to Avvo’s Laws of Attraction or just apply common sense and do the same kinds of things for clients that they do for other important people in their lives. Want to build and establish a successful law firm? Want to engender clients’ love? The first and most important step is moving the lawyer from the center of the equation – e.g. moving past “Love Your Lawyer Day” – and putting the client back in the center.

Love your client and start feeling the love in return year-round.

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