What are the Various Types of Child Custody?

After a divorce process, you will need to decide the child custody and it’s important that you work with the best lawyer. Divorce is a traumatizing experience and its imperative that you work with the best divorce lawyers because they will advise you and ensure your case is successful. Once the divorce process is complete then child custody begins, and a good divorce lawyer will be able to guide you on the way forward. It’s important to work with an organization that has divorce and child support lawyers and that will make the whole process easier.

A child custody battle is extremely important and it’s paramount that you understand the whole process. In this article, we look at the various types of child custody. It’s best to consult the family lawyers on the one that suits you best. Make sure that the choice you make is in the best interest of the child.

Types of Child Custody

There are different kinds of child custody and in this section, we review the types and what suits your situation. It’s best to consult the child support lawyer on the best kind of custody for your children to ensure that the interest of your children is well taken care of.

  • Legal Custody

Legal custody gives the parent the right and the obligation to make a decision about the child on issues such as healthcare, religion residency and what school they attend. In most cases, the judge will grant joint legal custody that allows both parents to make a decision concerning their children. Below are the legal custody options

Sole legal custody

This will give the parent with custody the legal authority to make the decision concerning the child. The parent has the right to make decisions such as where the child will study, healthcare and the religion the child will follow

Joint legal custody

Both parents are given the legal authority to make decisions about the child.

Advantages of Legal Custody

  • When the judge rules on joint legal custody it gives the parent the right to make decisions about the child


  • With joint legal custody conflicts may arise which in turn affects the children. The conflicts can also lead to court cases and that increase the expense.
  • With sole legal custody, one parent may be denied the right to get involved in the child’s life


  • Physical Custody

When the judge grants you physical custody you live with the child while the other parent is given visitation rights. The judge may give joint physical custody giving each parent equal time with the child. Joint physical custody gives the children the right to spend time with both parents and that will ensure the child benefits from both parents


  • It gives each parent time to spend with the children. Both parents are able to participate in the lives of their children


  • When granted physical child custody the parents have to live close to each other to make the arrangement work.
  • It may result in conflict and that could lead to court cases which could affect the children.


  • Sole Custody

In this custody, one parent has sole custody of the child. The parent will have sole legal custody or sole physical custody of the child. This king of custody is rare and most of the courts award joint custody to enable the parents to take an active role in the child’s life. Its critical that you talk to the child support lawyer to ensure that the kind of custody you choose fits your situation and gives the children the right to both parents if they are fit to bring up the children.


  • It doesn’t lead to the disruption of the child’s life


  • One parent loses connection with the children and that may lead to huge differences between the parents.


  • Joint Custody

In joint custody, both parents are granted the right to the children. The parents share the decision-making responsibilities and they have to ensure that the arrangement is working. The judge may award joint legal custody or joint physical custody


  • It gives the children the assurance that both parents will be in their life


  • If one parent doesn’t cooperate it could be devastating to the children.
  • The children have to move around a lot and that could affect them


  • Birds Nest Custody

The children remain in the family home and the parents take turns to move in and out.


  • It gives children some form of stability because they don’t have to move around


  • Its expensive for parents and only works if the parents can afford it

Child custody can be confusing and it’s therefore important that you work with the best child support lawyer to ensure the kind of custody you choose suits you and your children.


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