4 ways to rock the Avvo Q&A forum

While you might claim your Avvo profile, you are a lurker when it comes to that Q&A section of the site. That is because you are not sure you have enough time or can convey your thoughts to the 650K monthly visitors who flock to the site to post 950K questions each month.

Attorneys who answer just 15 questions on the forum generate ten times more contacts from potential clients. Their visibility in search engines can increase, too. For attorneys who do not have the inclination to blog or spend time managing several social media platforms—and let’s face it, not every lawyer does—the Q&A forum is a strong alternative. It can take less time and, when regularly used, can be a reliable way to connect with legal consumers when they need it most.

Additionally, answering questions on Avvo increases your contributor level which can give visitors more confidence in your skills as a lawyer. Responding to questions on Avvo is a great way to attract positive attention to your law practice.

So, even if you do not have a lot of time or strong writing skills, you still can leverage this powerful platform to showcase your legal knowledge. Here are four ways:

1. Be authentic

Most legal consumers today see attorneys as just other people like them. Before they contact a lawyer directly, they want to gain insight into the personality behind the lawyer who’s answering their legal question. Most are less interested in your writing style than a truthful answer to their question so be yourself.

Of course, it is important to be gracious without being disingenuous. However, if you are genuinely worried about grammatical errors and other style mistakes, use an app like Grammarly or White Smoke to correct your content before you post it on the Q&A forum.

2. Piggyback off other lawyers’ answers

Avvo’s Q&A is a social media platform where interaction is about having a conversation with your audience. On Avvo, both consumers and attorneys are part of that audience. When other lawyers post answers, you have the opportunity to comment on those answers.

While contradicting another attorney probably isn’t the best strategy, you might provide additional insight into an answer based on the original reply. You also should agree on another lawyer’s answer whenever you can. It may encourage other attorneys to do the same or connect with you for other reasons.

Interacting this way also is another way you may humanize yourself for Avvo community members and may give them a favorable opinion of your style and personality.

3. Speak in plain English

One reason consumers visit Avvo is they know attorneys are well-educated about the law. However, they are not lawyers and aren’t impressed when you sound too much like one. It may even put them off. So, without talking down to them, give answers in everyday language. Since your job is to educate people with your responses and you cannot directly sell your services to them on Avvo, that should be possible.

4. Download the mobile app

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the free app allows you respond to questions on the go. The faster you respond to a question, the more likely it will lead to a contact from a potential client.

Remember marketing is a long-term investment. While it is not a billable activity, if you commit to the process, it can lead to paying clients. So, stick with answering questions from people who represent your ideal clients, and you will see a pay off in time.

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