Documents your Divorce Lawyer Will Need from You

The divorce process can be tumultuous and draining, and it’s important that you hire the best divorce lawyer. The lawyer you hire will require documents that relate to your marriage to begin the proceedings. Proper planning is essential for a successful divorce. Its imperative that organizes all the documentation that is needed as that will act as proof in the proceeding. In this article, we tell you documents that your lawyer will need before the process begins. You need to avail the documentation in good time for the lawyer to have time to do a thorough research.

When preparing the documents to provide copies and keep copies for your file. If you send the documents via emails, ensure that you have a good back up plan where you can easily access the documents should you need them. The divorce period is a difficult time but doesn’t be tempted to provide incomplete information as that will make the process more difficult. Make sure that you provide complete and very organized documents and that will make your process smoother.

Documents Your Divorce Lawyer Will Need from You

Below is a divorce checklist of the documents you need to give your lawyer

Business and Income-related documents

The high asset divorce lawyer will require documents that show how much you earn. Provide the following

  • Your paycheck over the last year. If you have different sources of employment provide all the paycheck stubs. If you own a business provide income tax returns and any other document that relates to your income. Include any document showing business you and your spouse have done together over the last two years
  • Provide your spouse paycheck and ensure they show their earnings for the same period. The earning document will show how much income your spouse has earned for the two years.
  • Provide documentation showing business expenses including bank statements, receipts and any financial documents that are available.
  • In case you have copies of joint tax return forward them to the divorce water
  • If you or your spouse are self-employed and handle cash, then provide copies of receipts and expenses ledger.
  • Provide a statement of net worth statement and if there are any loans furnish the lawyer with the details.
  • Bank statements for the past two years
  • Saving account ledger held jointly or separately for the past two years
  • Statement of the investment accounts held together or separately

Make sure that you furnish the best divorce lawyer with all the financial documents that prove the net worth of you and your spouse. Don’t leave out any document that may affect the outcome of your case

Real Estate documents

  • Make sure you hand in copies of real estate documents that you own together or separately. You can get copies of the document from your mortgage company
  • Hand in the mortgage statement you have on any of the properties
  • In case of any refinancing on the real estate make sure you hand the copies.
  • Tax assessment pertaining to real estate

Life Insurance documents

  • Get copies of any life insurance policies for your or spouse or children. Make sure you hand all the statements on life insurance policy that have loans against them or a cash balance.

Documents relating to debts

  • Itemize all debts in your name or your spouse name
  • Make a list of all debts that you may have accrued for the last two years. Include unsecured loans, credit card debt, any medical bills debt and any other loans

Documents relating to Pensions

  • Get a copy of your pension statement and that of your spouse and hand over to the family lawyer. Include retirement funds, mutual funds, and IRA

Automobile documents

  • Get copies of the registration of the automobiles you won separately or jointly. If you farm equipment make sure you also give copies of the title
  • You should also submit documents showing any loans on the automobiles and any payments that have been made.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

If you signed a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, make sure you provide a copy to the top-rated divorce lawyer. The divorce lawyer needs to review this document to determine what it covers and if it will be enforced during the divorce process.

Document relating to the children

  • Obtain information on the schools your children and their school fees
  • Make a list of after-school activities and the amount you need for that.
  • List all the child care expenses

It’s important that you hand in all the documents that may have a bearing on your divorce. The high asset divorce lawyer  Fair Fax needs to understand your case fully and that is only possible if you furnish him with all the documents.

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