YLaw is the fastest growing family law firm in BC, with offices in Vancouver and Surrey. Our award-winning family lawyers put the best interests of your family as their #1 priority, even after separation.  We have morning meetings where we all brainstorm on our files and come up with solutions as a team. We do not believe that separation must end in a battle where one wins and one loses. We instead focus on the long-term interests of our clients, their children, and their finances. Because of our innovative approach to law, we have won multiple awards, including being chosen as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada, Top 40 under 40, Globe and Mail’s Top 400 Companies in Canada, and MacLean’s Growth 500.

At YLaw, we specialize in family law issues including cohabitation, divorce, child & spousal support, parenting time, asset and debt division, etc. We also provide immigration law and civil litigation services.

Our Family and Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver and Surrey

With a focus almost exclusively on family law and its latest trends, our family and divorce lawyers have been voted as the top family lawyers in Vancouver through multiple platforms. Our lawyers have an insatiable thirst to help our clients the best that they can, and know nothing but perfection when it comes to representing our family law clients. Learn more about the law:

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Our Strategy

Hiring a Vancouver or Surrey divorce lawyer at YLaw means you have hired all of our lawyers because we have morning meetings in which we discuss all of our cases and together come up with the best strategy to resolve your case.  Leena Yousefi, the founder of YLaw has won over 90% of her cases from 2014 to the present* and ensures all the lawyers at YLaw follow the highest standards of quality and service when it comes to family law.

Why We Do Everything Different

We are not a traditional family law firm. We collaborate, are highly energetic, and have an insatiable thirst for success. We do not use the client’s money on advertising or expensive purchases.

We are down to earth and our first priority is helping the client. That is why we are successful.  We believe that family law must conform and change as we change and for this reason, we constantly challenge the core and limits of family law. Learn more about our Family Lawyers.

Your Initial Consultation

You are our family and we will help you like we help our own family members. This means having your best long-term interests in mind as we negotiate, compromise, settle or resolve your matter in Court if need be. Separation is emotionally and financial exhausting. We try out best not to add to it by putting you and your spouse in a fighting ring to battle out your differences and have your children watch. We would rather communicate, negotiate and reach an amicable solution that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to address your case and the possible solutions even if you do not end up retaining us. We do not ask you to choose us. We ask you to choose the right lawyer. Whether that is us or someone else is irrelevant. We invite you to consult with a couple of family lawyers prior to choosing who you better connect with. We charge for our initial consultation because we want serious clients who know of us and trust us before they come in. If you have to pay for something, you will spend much more time looking into it, qualifying it, and determining whether it is worth the money or whether you really need it. We do not need to or want to give incentives such as a free consultation to lure clients into retaining us. Our quality of advice and work should do that job which again is ingredients to successful cases and good relationships.