My 5 resolutions for personal and professional growth

A new year and new beginning. It is that time to reflect on what we did wrong last year and how we can improve ourselves in the year ahead. I find that in making my yearly resolutions, I don’t segregate the personal from the professional. Just as my career is intertwined with my personal life, my plan for self-improvement and self-enlightenment applies to both my life as an attorney and my life as a wife and mother.  Thus, in considering how to improve in all aspects of my life, I am going to try and stick to the following five resolutions for 2017.

1. Keep calm and carry on

A tried and true phrase that I don’t follow often enough. As a family lawyer and a Mom of two (one teen and one tween), everyone has an emergency for me to resolve. With all this drama coming at me 24/7, it is easy for me to lose my composure. This year, I am going to work hard on taking a moment to breathe before delving into the next crisis. By doing so, not only will I preserve my own sanity, but I will also be able to tackle the problem in a more clearheaded, reasoned manner. My clients (and family) will hopefully feel my calm vibes and will similarly be able to relax a bit when I calmly and cooly deliver them some thoughtful advice.

2. Live in the moment

During my yoga practice, I remain in the moment, mostly because the class is so challenging that I can only think about working on the pose that I am in at the time. When I am not in yoga and have assumed my role as a lawyer and a working mom, it is nearly impossible to turn off my mind, focus on one thing at a time, and not constantly run through my to-do list (which is now the length of a football field). This year, I resolve to try and break the habit of thinking about everything but the task at hand and to try and extend the zen of yoga to all aspects of my life. I believe that this will make me more efficient because I will be more focused on completing the task which I am doing and less scattered in my thought process.

3. Don’t worry, be happy

In 2017, I plan on taking inspiration from that famous Bobby McFerrin song. Worrying is truly a waste of time and energy. As lawyers, we not only take on our own worries but the worries of our clients as well. It is a serious job hazard. However, to truly be a good counselor, we cannot get bogged down in worry — we need to be strong a decisive. As such, this year, I am going to work to eliminate the worrying and focus instead on enjoying my work, life, and family.

4. Work hard and play hard

To have a good balance in life, I need to work as hard as I play and play as hard as I work. It sounds nearly impossible to do both, but I believe it can be achieved. I realize that success does not come without hard work, and I need to continually invest in my career by networking, doing an excellent job for my clients and being a thoughtful and fair leader for my staff. Similarly, I need to take time out to spend time with my family, take those vacations, make time for exercise, etc.

5. Forgive, but don’t forget

This is the resolution I will continually repeat throughout the course of the year when I am failing to abide by the previous four resolutions! I will forgive myself for regressing, but I will not let myself forget my goals for 2017. Each day presents a new opportunity to stick by the promises I made for myself this year.

Here’s wishing you a balanced and prosperous 2017!

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