New Avvo study: understanding the Millennial legal consumer

The latest whitepaper by Nika Kabiri, Director of Strategic Insights at Avvo, was released today Law their way: Turning Millennial consumers into new clients.” The paper dives into detailed findings on how Millennials interact with legal issues and explains how attorneys can better connect with them online.

Growing up in an online, on-demand world, Millennials are those who were between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015. Numbering 75.4 million, they are the largest generational cohort – and they wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Over 85% own smartphones and 39% of them interact with their phones more than they do actual people. They do almost everything online – socializing, shopping, dating, and even searching for a lawyer.

The facts when it comes to legal

The study shows that 41% of Millennials, compared to 26% of older Americans, research lawyers online when dealing with their legal issues. In addition, 46% of Millennials have a positive opinion of lawyers, compared to 31% of older consumers. In fact, 56% of Millennials say that good lawyers are worth every penny. But they also express anxiety when it comes to price, saying that if they can figure out how to manage their legal issue by themselves, they will. Millennials are also more likely to want to actively participate in their legal issue, preferring to do some of the work themselves or to collaborate closely with their lawyer.

So what does this mean for lawyers?

“The bottom line is that actively engaging with Millennials could be a great opportunity for many lawyers,” Kabiri says. “They are engaged and fearless when it comes to doing their research and arming themselves with information. By connecting with them in authentic and transparent ways, lawyers have the chance to win loyal and long-term clients.”

Download the full whitepaper here for more insights and tips to reach Millennials.

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