Questions to Expect from The Divorce Lawyer Before the Divorce Process Begins

The divorce process can be traumatic and its important that you work with the best divorce lawyer. The lawyer will require information from you which will aid in making the process successful. It’s important that the information you give is accurate and if need be supported by documents. In this article, we tell information the lawyer is likely to need from you. Some questions may not come up until the divorce is in the process but there are questions that the lawyer will ask before the divorce process begins

The Question that the Divorce Lawyer Will Ask

  • Details About your Marriage

The divorce lawyer will seek to understand you more by asking details about the marriage. You can provide a marriage certificate or license, children birth certificate and any other document that proves marriage.

  • Residency

The high -asset divorce lawyer will ask the state of your residency. You must be a resident of the state where the divorce process is scheduled to take place. Each state has different rules regarding residency during a divorce process or child custody case. The child custody lawyer will see to know whether you are a resident in the state the case is scheduled to take place.

  • Ground for divorce

Why do you want a divorce? That’s is a crucial question in the divorce process. You must have reasons why you want a divorce. Grounds for divorce include physical abuse, abandonment, adultery, and drug abuse. Irretrievable breakdown can also be grounds for divorce. The lawyer will need to understand the reason you want to divorce because different states allow different grounds for divorce. You need to be candid when speaking to the lawyer because providing the right information will get you a quick and an easy divorce.

  • Separation

Are you separated and how long have you been separated? The top-rated divorce lawyer will seek to know how long you have been separated. In some states, you are required to live separately before the divorce process can start. You may be required to wait 6 months to 1 year before the divorce can begin. If there are periods you have lived together with your spouse in between you will need to wait until 6months are over.

  • Custody Arrangement

The family lawyer will seek to establish whether you have any children. The lawyer will also ask the ages of the children and if there are any minors issues such as custody must be dealt with. You need to be clear on issues that touch on children as that may lengthen the divorce process. Make sure you factor issues like child support and where your children will live. You can involve the children support lawyer to ensure you are fully covered.

  • Financial Questions

What is your gross salary or what is your income? The lawyer will seek to establish your financial capability. The high asset divorce lawyer will need to know how much you have, your assets as a couple. If you work in the military divorce lawyer will seek to establish your financial position. The lawyer will request you to provide bank accounts statements. You need to provide a detailed inventory of marital assets.

The divorce lawyer will also seek to establish the debts you have accrued while you in the marriage. Make sure you provide all the loan statements. Be thorough and make sure your spouse is not hiding any assets.

  • What is important to you or what do you wish for?

The top-rated divorce lawyer will seek to establish what you hope to gain from the divorce. The lawyer will seek to understand what is important to you. What do you wish to retain after the divorce process? Most people will want to keep their homes. It’s therefore important that you tell the lawyer what you hope to gain

The lawyer will also want to know what you are willing to give up. Divorce settlement work out because each has to agree to give up one or two things. You need to determine what you are willing to give up

  • Do you Expect to receive alimony

The lawyer will seek to know whether you expect alimony to be part of your divorce settlement. The lawyer will seek to understand whether you expect to receive alimony or pay.

  • Questions

Do you have any question? The divorce process is difficult to process and the lawyer understands that and they, therefore, give you an opportunity to clarify on issues you may have. Its good to ask questions as this will make you make more comfortable.

Its imperative that you provide the divorce lawyer Fair Fax with all the information that they need to ensure a successful process. You can add documents as proof of ownership of various assets. Be straightforward with all the question the lawyer will because that makes the divorce process easier.

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